2021 is Banner Year for Packard Music Hall

February 7, 2022

Genre-spanning entertainment, arts and culture programming, and community health focused events round out JAC Management Group’s most packed schedule to date at Packard Music Hall.

WARREN, OH – Packard Music Hall experienced record-breaking event numbers in 2021 while navigating a dynamic and dense event landscape. The venue hosted over 160 events in 2021, more than any previous year since JAC Management’s operation of the building began in 2014.

“Packard Music Hall’s biggest strength is its versatility” states Eric Ryan, President and CEO of JAC Management Group. “As our entertainment calendar continued to shift as a result of the pandemic, we worked to keep this venue accessible for events, organizations and community groups that were working to maintain a certain quality of life here in the Mahoning Valley.”

Packard saw shows in country, Christian, classic rock, theatrical, R&B and jazz genres serving its titular purpose as a music hall, but these concerts were not the only way members of the community found themselves able to use the facility. As a result of added layers of covid-19 precautions, graduation ceremonies, dance recitals, lectures, and weddings were able to take place safely within the venue and challenged its personnel to evolve the facility to reach maximum utilization while accommodating crowds with a unique set of expectations.

“With Covid-19 concerns dictating much of what could be done in public spaces, we at JAC saw a new need emerge that we knew we would be able to fill – and did so with the City of Warren by becoming a community health resource” adds Jim Bugos, General Manager for JAC Management Group and Packard Music Hall, referring to the multiple blood drives, Covid testing and vaccine clinics that were held at the venue in 2021. “As we saw it, the more opportunities there were for people to get back to normal, the sooner they would feel comfortable joining us for shows again.”

This strategy is working for Packard Music Hall, as they enter 2022 with a quickly expanding event calendar and new records to break.